Vendor Lending


Arvest offers lending solutions for consumers through dealers, retailers, associations, contractors, manufacturers, healthcare practices and service providers.

Arvest knows an important part of running a successful business is having a bank that will be there for you, whenever you need them. We want to be that bank for you and your customers. We want to begin helping you grow your business and getting you the ttols needed for your growth and success!

By offering a complete line of financing products and services, our alliance will support the needs of practically every customer you serve.

Arvest understands your need for a liable and knowledgeable team of financing and industry experts who know your business, your industry, your assets and the imortance of responding to opportunities.

With a long history of serving the businesses and consumers throughout our community, Arvest is committed to personal service, strong vendor relationships, flexible financing programs and decisions made by a local Arvest Consumer Lender. Find out how we can help you drive your business toward greater success.


1. After sale is made and the client expresses interest in financing, have them logon and fill out the easy application at

2. Once the application is received, the vendor emails the invoice to 

3. A response from an Arvest Consumer Lender will be received within two hours if application is taken during Arvest business hours.

4. Once the customer is approved, the funds are made payable in check form to both the client and the vendor. The customer then presents the check for goods and the transaction is closed.


Application Process
1. Vendor or customer will input application at To ensure a faster turnaround time, enter then Vendor's name in the box, "if you are currently working with one of our loan officers please include his/her name."

2. Vendor will email Work Estimate to the Arvest Team at 

3. Arvest Team will match the Loan Application from the Arvest website to the Work Estimate.

4. Lender will contact customer to verify information and obtain any additional documentation needed to process the loan request, including collateral options.

5. Lender will email/contact Vendor to inform them that the Loan Application and Work Estimate have been verifies and provide them with an estimate completion time. All approvals are subject to verification of income.

Closing Process
1. Once all requested information is received and verified and a final loan decision is made, the Lender will inform the customer and vendor of the decision.

2. If approved, lender and customer coordinate closing details, closing date/time/place*, payment due date, term of loan, auto draft, credit protection, etc.

3. Upon disbursement of funds, check is made payable to BOTH CUSTOMER AND VENDOR.

Note: If the Vendor needs partial payment before work can begin, multiple funding checks may be made to both parties with the customer's consent. *Lender will work with the customer to coordinate the closing location, i.e. Vendor location, Arvest Branch or other location most convenient to the customer.

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